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Sunday, November 7, 2010

BANGKOK, i miss you!!!

Last April 23-27, 2009

--such a memorable experience

--I was still on STEROIDS during this trip(my medication before, but now I am not taking it anymore because God has already healed me)
--had a fun experience at Calypso

--tasted their street foods at their agorae, soo yummy!
--had shopping..i soo love it!their store attendants were so beautiful, they all looked like celebrities.
--tasted their different cuisines..some were suppeeer delicious while the others? i can't spell the taste.lol
--It was the first time that I have seen and tasted a yellow watermelon..yuuuum!
--went back to manila in the 27th and had our hair cut at ricky reyes salon.
--all in all I supppeeerr enjoyed this trip =)

Thank you Lord for the opportunity, I am looking forward in seeing you again, Bangkok!!

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